Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70% Peru

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Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70% Peru
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Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70% Peru

Cacaosuyo is a chocolate maker with a simple mission: to make the best chocolate in Peru. That’s a lofty ambition, but the Cacaosuyo team have devoted the last three years of their lives to it. Seeking out rare cacao and transforming it into the best possible chocolate.

Cacaosuyo’s Pirua Select bar was a very tough act to follow, but this is certainly not a case of a ‘tricky second album’. Instead, this bar is an awesome follow up that has received international recognition, and was rewarded with a Silver Award at the 2014 International Chocolate Awards.

Made from rare beans grown deep within the Peruvian jungle, this is a bar that impresses from the outset. Beneath the beautiful wrapper lies a surprise that will delight anyone who lives to find floral notes in their dark chocolate. As you unwrap the bar, you’re instantly greeted by sweeping floral scents. And once it starts to melt on your tongue, these quickly build, with lavender notes leaping forth. We detected just a little bergamot too, which qui


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