Chocolate and Wine Masterclass

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Chocolate and Wine Masterclass
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Chocolate and Wine Masterclass

Time: February 24th, 2024 (Saturday)

1:00-4:00 pm

Location: The Chocolate House DC

1904 18th Street, NW

Washington DC, 20009

Welcome to the wonderful world of chocolate and Italian wines.

Wellness cacao artisan Christina (founder Secret Cacao Garden) and Italian wine expert Attilio will take you in this wonderful world. They will offer a carefully sourced selection of cacao and wines that guarantee exceptional quality and luxurious tastes.

Learn how to make heart opening seed to bar chocolates in this fun hands on class using direct trade cacao and local organic ingredients. Infuse the chocolates with love and fun experienced by humans since ancient times.

Are you a chocolate and wine lover? Then this is the class for you:


2.5 hours minimum

  • Hands on roasting, peeling, grinding, molding, decorating with inclusions
  • Packaging and design
  • Wine tasting of 2 different wines from Italy including 1 bubble
  • Education on the history of the wines and region
  • This is a beginner level class that adults 21+
  • Students will walk away with knowledge only found from a professional seed to bar chocolate maker.
  • International award winning Peruvian heirloom cacao seeds VRAE 99 by Juan Larua, award wining cacao producer.
  • Education on the history of cacao and region
  • Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, nut-free ingredients
  • Maple Sugar
  • Local herbs
  • Korita Chocolates available for sale at the Chocolate House
  • 10% Discount on entire purchase the day of the event


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