Friis Holm Chuno Double Turned 70%

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Friis Holm Chuno Double Turned 70%

Mikkel Friis-Holm, the mastermind and creator of Friis-Holm, entered the world of fine chocolate with the exploration of fine South American cacaos and a love for its exceptional flavors. Friis-Holm seeks to express and expose the value in the terroir of cacao in conjunction with the rich culture and history of cacao. With a focus on genetics, micro ecologies, and single varietal bars, Friis-Holm is making waves in the fine chocolate world with new flavors and focused dedication.

100 grams

70% double turned Chuno cacao from northern Nicaragua

The cacao beans have been turned twice during fermentation to further develop tasting notes

Full-bodied cacao with notes of black olives, nuts, and spice with pleasant acidity


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