Kad Kokoa Chiang Mai 70%

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Kad Kokoa Chiang Mai 70%
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Kad Kokoa Chiang Mai 70%

Organic cacao beans from a private contracted farm of ours in Pa Pae, Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, are made into craft chocolate bars. You will taste slight floral notes, and a delicate exotic fruitiness in the background of a strong earthy body.

Taste notes: Earthy body, exotic fruits, floral notes.

Behind the pattern: Tung Lan Na

Inspired by Tung, a hanging flag symbolizing faith in Lan Na, a former northern kingdom of the country that had Chiang Mai as its the center. Tung is a cultural heritage bearing auspicious meanings through its unique textures and colors. This optimism is reflected by our package’s bright orange color and mixed with light green to represent local cacao floral notes.

Ingredients: 70% Cacao, 30% Organic Sugar.


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