River Sea Surfer’s Dark Seas 80%

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River Sea Surfer’s Dark Seas 80%
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River Sea Surfer's Dark Seas 80%

Hawaiian Lava Salt harvested from pools of lava rock on Molokai island, tops this 80% bar made with cacao and enhanced with a splash of coconut oil. This bar embodies River-Sea’s dedication to educing the health benefits of chocolate. It’s nourishing; for high prolonged energy that gives you a dose of MCTs, theobromine, antioxidants, trace minerals, electrolytes, vitamins and essential fatty acids.The perfect snack for the intensity of DC area life: whether you are surfing the Potomac, running between meetings, or hiding in the bathroom for a break from the kids.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Fragrant Cacao Butter, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut, Hawaiian Lava Salt


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