El Ceibo Cocoa Powder 100%

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El Ceibo Cocoa Powder 100%
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El Ceibo Cocoa Powder 100%

This product is made by our own cooperative El Ceibo, founded in 1977. From the trees to this cocoa powder, we do not collaborate with the producers, we are the producers.

What makes this cocoa powder so special is that we make it ourselves and it is as natural as it can be. Our cacao beans are organic and fair trade, well fermented and sun dried in our facilities in the tropical lowlands of Alto Beni. From there, we transport them to our factory located in the Andes, near La Paz city, where they are roasted, peeled and pressed to obtain cocoa powder. We do not alkalinize our cacao beans, as most brands do to obtain a deeper color and reduced acidity. We prefer a product that maintains its natural qualities to bring you a totally new experience.

Net Wt. 8.8oz (250g)


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