Fossa Sake Kasu Dark 73%

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Fossa Sake Kasu Dark 73%
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Fossa Sake Kasu Dark 73%

Tasting notes: Fruity, nutty, and umami, reminiscent of elegantly aged sake

This exquisite bar is a collaboration with artisanal sake curator – KuroKura. Made with sake kasu sourced from two craft breweries and nano-lot cacao from Kelantan, Malaysia, this is a delicious and pretty chocolate to savour.

The white kasu comes from Akishika Shuzo, a “ikkan-zukuri” or “seedling to sake” brewery that makes sake organic rice grown in-house.

The red kasu comes from the brewing of Inemankai – a one-of-a-kind sake by Mukai Shuzo using a strain of red rice that grows in the master brewer’s hometown of Ine in rural Kyoto.

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, sake kasu (rice, koji), dextrose

Net Weight: 50g

✓ Dairy-free

✓ Soy-free

✓ Nut-free

✓ Gluten free

✓ Vegan


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