Luisa Abram Caramelized White

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Luisa Abram Caramelized White
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Luisa Abram Caramelized White

Precisely curated, say olá to dulce de leche in a chocolate bar. Caramelized milk is the secret ingredient in this charismatic confection—a Luisa Abram favorite.

Dulce de leche, aka sweet milk or milk jam, is an ambrosial Latin American specialty. Heat sugar and milk together for several hours and voilá…a mouthful of sensual sweetness.

TASTING: creamy, caramel, reverie, cinnamon, vanilla, butterscotch

PAIRING: white wines, e.g. Pinot Gris, Vienna lager, rum cocktails, e.g. Dulce de Leche, Sauternes, vanilla tea

CACAO ORIGIN: Brazil, sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest


INGREDIENTS: wild cocoa butter, Jersey powdered milk, organic cane sugar


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