Luisa Abram Rio Acara 70% (red) Brazilian Amazon

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Luisa Abram Rio Acara 70% (red) Brazilian Amazon

Luisa Abram is known for venturing into the Brazilian Amazon in search of the region’s many native cacao varietals, and then turning those cacaos into amazing single-region chocolates. This 70% dark chocolate bar was crafted from wild cocoa from the Rio Acará region of the Brazilian Amazon. It has distinct notes of Brazil nut, caramel, and pineapple, all naturally ocurring within the cacao beans themselves. The bar has a more solid texture relative to other chocolates, as the cacao from Rio Acará has a lower fat content than most other regions’ harvests.

About the cacao: in the Baixo Amazonas Hydrographic Basin, cocoa purchased from several families on the banks of the Acará and Arauaia Rivers is fermented by women from two of these families. This cocoa belongs to the family of amelonados, and has high genetic purity.

Ingredients: Wild Cocoa and Organic Sugar.


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