Obolo Patagonia Maqui Nativo 50%

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Obolo Patagonia Maqui Nativo 50%
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Obolo Patagonia Maqui Nativo 50%

Surely you already know that maqui and cocoa are each important sources of antioxidants …. Now imagine these two ingredients together in an exquisite dark milk chocolate bar. An explosion not only of antioxidants but of flavors such as red fruits, ripe bananas, and cocoa.

And that’s not all: the maqui used is totally organic, like the cocoa and sugar.

Organic cocoa beans Organic
cane sugar
Whole milk powder
Organic native maqui.
Weight: 80 gr.

The Patagonia Maqui Native Milk Chocolate Bar contains 50% Cocoa and is a chocolate with great attributes, among them: Milk Chocolate, Gluten-Free Chocolate, Chilean Chocolate, Chocolate with Maqui, Chocolate with Berries, Organic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate.


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