Svenska Dominican Dark Milk 55%

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Svenska Dominican Dark Milk 55%
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Svenska Dominican Dark Milk 55%

A darker milk chocolate with a fine tuned balance between the nutty notes of cacao and the creaminess of the milk. An no added vanilla, of course. A Swedish handmade chocolate bar with a beautiful design. The beans in this chocolate come from the producer Öko Caribe in the cocoa-rich Duarte area in the Dominican Republic. Öko Caribe collaborates with 180 farmers and helps them with training to create a sustainable cocoa production. The beans are roasted at low temperatures, processed minimally, and there are no unnecessary ingredients added.

Origin: Dominican Republic, Öko Caribe

Tasting Notes: Flavor notes of honey, nuts, and toffee.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao 55% , Cocoa Butter, Organic Cane Sugar, and Whole Milk Powder


Vegan and Gluten Free. May contain traces of nuts and milk.


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