Luisa Abram Caputo’s Wild Jurua 70%

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Luisa Abram Caputo’s Wild Jurua 70%
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Luisa Abram Caputo's Wild Jurua 70%

This chocolate bar is made from extremely rare cacao, hidden for centuries along the Juruá River deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Caputo’s Wild Jurua 70% is sponsored by the Caputo’s Preservation Program, which fights to preserve wild cacao and its biodiversity. We can’t let this heirloom fruit disappear.

This chocolate has intriguing floral notes of lychee and cherry, and candied fruit, ending with notes of caramel. Different and very complex flavor. As the flavor develops in the mouth, the sweetness also resembles pitanga (Brazilian cherry) and lychee.

Ingredients: Wild cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

Manufactured in a facility that handles milk & nuts


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